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The primary logo for Tometo, its mascot Tome
pronounced To-mii-to

is a social network based upon text-to-speech functionality. Created as a homage to Nintendo's Miitomo mobile game, it's currently in development as an independent project from a couple of developers.

What is it?

It's a website that you can open on your browser or your phone. Unlike Twitter or other social networks, you create a "character" that will speak your status updates using text-to-speech technology! You can adjust the pitch and tone of your character's voice, and eventually, the site will be host to a lot of different other things you can do with your character as well!

Cool, how do I use it?

Tometo is currently in active development! At this point there's no public beta or alpha, although we will certainly update this website once we get to that point. We also can't give any timeframe on when we'll get to that milestone. However, it is developed as source-available software, the source is available here.

Do you post updates anywhere?

Yes! This website houses an update log:

Alternatively, you can follow us on Twitter or chat with us on Discord.

Who makes this?

Tometo is developed and produced by

@faint_visions, Developer
@touhoueurobeat, Developer
@mintdecot, Artist
@technoabyss, Developer
@photonicDog, Freya
@flower_of_edo, Volunteer