Creating Avatars and other lifestyle improvements

Fri Sep 20 2019 Written by  aun

In the last update, we mentioned that we were still missing an interface to create Avatars. Since then, altough with a bit a of a delay (because I was on vacation), we've finally finished a first version of said interface. This is what it looks like right now:

While it doesn't currently look very visually appealing, it provides with all of the available ways to customize your Avatar. Keep in mind that this is an MVP (minimum viable product), aka the simplest possible way you could represent an Avatar. As soon as we get a minimal, but fully-featured version of Tometo completed, we'll start working on making this system a more complex representation of what an Avatar could look like (a bit more like Nintendo's actual Miis).

As a bonus, we have a way for you to preview what your Avatar's speech would look like before you actually create it. When you upload the two images required for Avatar creation, it looks like this:

Click here if the video doesn't play

We've also made a bunch of improvements to the developer workflow, so that it should be much easier to locally set up Tometo. This includes:

  • We documented our local configuration file where you would enter stuff like   your database credentials
  • We added a couple of convenience scripts that automate away a lot of the   manual work required to set up Tometo (for example, now you can run   script/localsetup and it'll do most of the setup work for you)
  • Finally set up a working CI (continous integration, basically an automated test runner) so that your commits can be tested in a reproducible environment

While these changes are helpful for people who have knowledge of how to set up Rust and/or JavaScript projects on their own, the ultimate goal for setting up locally should be to run one command and then have a complete local environment set up for you, completely automatically. We're working on that, and we hope that it should come to fruition fairly soon.

What's next?

Now that we're mostly done with the Avatar creation story, we have some bandwidth to dedicate towards ironing out some of the design imperfections, in the frontend as well as in the backend. Another thing we want to implement is a invite-based registration system, but that idea is still in its infancy.

As always, if you're interested in contributing to Tometo, feel free to come talk to us on our Discord server.

Happy Friday!

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