This roadmap covers the next year or so. Task links and other relevant material will be provided. This page doesn't necessarily correlate with our software versioning scheme.

Status: 20. Apr 2020

Prototype human-like 3D Avatar (T8)

Status: Started, ETA: Hopefully May

This is currently at the stage where we have to commission someone to create a 3D model (T21), but it's being worked on!

Private Alpha

Status: Planned, ETA: Early June

Launch a version of Tometo only accessible to a couple of people with the goal of gathering concrete feedback.

Functional Admin Interface (T10)

Status: On hold, ETA: Not sure

Pretty self-explanatory, yeah? We want to be able to moderate and administrate various aspects of the site. In the future, this'll probably include a reports system or something of the like.

User/Avatar display page (T4)

Status: Planning, ETA: Unclear, might tie in with Q/A stuff

There's a bunch of questions left for this one, like do we actually display the User or the Avatar? Does the Avatar serve as a representation for the User in most contexts? If so, how will this work when a User can eventually create multiple Avatars?

Additionally, this will probably tie in with the whole Question/Answer thing, so we will probably end up doing those side-by-side.

Implementation of Question/Answer model (T25)

Status: Done

Remember the main concept behind Miitomo? That's what we want to implement, albeit with a couple of fundamental differences.

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