This Week in Tometo (#02)

Wed Feb 26 2020 Written by  aun

Time for another semi-weekly blog post! Last time, I said we'd try doing these every week, but since then, I've found out that every other week is probably a more healthy cycle that'll work out better in the longer term. Besides, this way you get the illusion that we did way more stuff.

Version Release: 0.3

Last week we released Tometo 0.3. This was mostly just a ceremonial release, since we had about 60 commits laying around since the last one, and we felt like we'd put enough work in to warrant a release.

For a short summary of the release:

  • Tometo now has underlying support for roles. Think something like Administrator and Moderator
  • We added the capability to display 3D models in the browser (which we blogged about before)
  • It should now be much easier to locally install Tometo, barring a documentation improvement I still need to make
  • There's a bunch of rewrites, mainly of the backend API in there, too


We now have an official Roadmap! Check it out here.

With this roadmap, we want to try and communicate the progress of this project without having to fall back to overly technical terms or methods. I realize that our development platform ( might not mean too much to non-technical people, so I thought it was a good idea to form a more publicly-accessible roadmap instead. This page is going to be updated very regularly, so we advise checking it every now and then.

That's it! I hope you have a good week. I think there was carnival this week here, although I didn't see too much of it, I was busy with other things 😔. If there's celebrations where you live, have a lot of fun participating in them!

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