This Week in Tometo (#05)

Fri Apr 24 2020 Written by  aun

This time, there's a little status update plus a new release. Let's get to it:

Tometo 0.4

Version 0.4 of Tometo has been released! There were 32 commits between 0.3 and 0.4, and the main feature that makes this release special is the implementation of Question and Answer features. We've gone over this before, but while we had a Twitter-like Status system before, we now have a CuriousCat/ system where you can get asked questions and answer them.

Other than that, there were a bunch of refactors, mostly in the frontend. Nothing really exciting can be said about those; they're very technical and kinda boring.

Private Alpha

Our next big milestone on the horizon (aside from an eventual version 0.5) is launching a private alpha! This will most likely be invite-only, as we need some time to test our features, but we think this'll be a much better way to gather feedback rather than just writing out vague things in our Discord server.

There's no concrete timeframe for this yet, but personally, I'd like to aim for late May or early June with this. The private alpha will definitely be its own blog post when we have the specifics figured out, so stay tuned for that!!

As always, to stay updated, follow us on Twitter and join our Discord! See you next time!

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