This Week in Tometo (#01)

Tue Feb 11 2020 Written by  aun

This Week in Tometo is a new blog post format we're trying out, where instead of releasing sporadic blog posts on version releases, we're going to try and commit to releasing a blog post every week in which we showcase some of the things happening with Tometo!

3D Avatar Fundamentals

Since the release of 0.2, we've committed to working towards realizing our collective dream of having true 3D-rendered models you can use as Avatars. While we're still a long way off from there, today we have a solid base which makes it easy to integrate 3D models into the website. As a placeholder, right now, we're just rendering a 3D cube with your Avatar image(s) mapped onto it:

yes it looks stupid i'm sorry it's a placeholder

Looking beyond that, we have an open task for commissioning and/or creating a base 3D model we can use for Tometo. That's the main blocker in this regard, we'll keep you up to date if there's any new developments here!!

Sidenote: If you're a 3D artist open for commissions or you know someone, we would love to hear from you! Please send us an email or talk to me on Discord (aun#1917)

Easier local installation

Thanks to aggums, Tometo can now be installed much easier (ESPECIALLY on Windows), by using Vagrant. It's about as simple as installing VirtualBox and Vagrant, downloading the repository, and executing vagrant up now. This was landed just last week, so I've not yet had time to update the docs, but once I do, I'll put it in one of these blog posts.

Speaking of docs..

Improved project documentation

I spent a couple of days rewriting and adding new documentation. The index still has to be updated, but we've now got segments such as:

  • How to report a bug­ — Extensive info about how to report a bug if you've found one
  • Phabricator Help — Information and general info about our project management and source code hosting website
  • Code Review — Tutorials on how to contribute code to Tometo
  • And some API Recommendations (I'll probably write more of these at some point)

Documentation is an ongoing effort, so all of this will likely improve and change in the future. If you have any questions about these docs, please tell us on Discord!

That's it for this week! To be honest, what's in this blog post is more akin to the summary of everything since 0.2's release, which is a month away now, so I can't guarantee we'll have this much content every time.

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